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Upcoming Statewide Trainings

Education—both directly of children, and of parents and teachers — is currently the primary form of treatment for autistic spectrum disorders.

Educating Children With Autism
Committee on Educational Interventions
for Children with Autism
National Research Council, 2001


Date:  February 23-24, 2017 

Location:  Oklahoma City

Registration Fee:  Early bird $165/person
                           Standard $185/person
                           Group rates also available



Challenging Behavior in Schools – Part I

This workshop is designed for educators who work with students who have behaviors that challenge us to think differently.  Participants will learn a process to find the function of the behavior before a formal functional behavior assessment becomes necessary.  Learning will occur through video observation, small group work, and lecture.

Dates:  February 17, 2017

Location: Oklahoma City

Registration Fee:  Standard Fee $110/person
                           Group rate also available



Challenging Behavior in Schools – Part II

This two-day workshop will build on Challenging Behaviors in Schools-Part I. Discussion will focus on determining when a formal Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is needed, conducting an FBA, analyzing the data, developing a hypothesis from the data and then using the information gained to write a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). The presentation will address key components to be included as well as writing goals and objectives that are clear and effective for the entire school team to implement.  

Date:  March 1 - 2, 2017

Location: Oklahoma City

Registration Fee:  Standard Fee $185/person
                           Group rate also available

Prerequisite:  The workshop is designed exclusively for teachers and related service providers who have attended Challenging Behavior in Schools – Part I. 

No exceptions please


Autism Spectrum Disorders: Foundation Training for Educators-Registration Closed

This two-day workshop is designed for special educators, related service providers, and administrators who work with children with ASD adn other developmental disabilities.  Practical information regarding the use of specific types of supports, as well as ways to troubleshoot problem situations will be provided.

Location: Oklahoma City

Sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Education, Special Education Services

     *Preregistration is required
     *Maximum of 60 participants
     *Reserved for certified school personnel only
Special this year-No charge


PECS-Level 1 Training

The PECS Level 1 Training is appropriate for parents and professionals working with learners with autism, related disabilities and/or limited communication skills.

This two day training begins with an overview of the Pyramid Approach to Education. This includes factors related to establishing an effective learning/communicative environment. Specific topics include functional activities, powerful reinforcers, functional communication, identification, and replacement of Contextually Inappropriate Behaviors, generalization, lesson formats, teaching strategies, error correction, and data collection and analysis.

Dates:  March 9 - 10, 2017

Location: Oklahoma City

Registration Fee:  Professionals $399/person
                          Parents $299/person