Early Access


For questions and information about having your child screened please contact us at 405-295-5273 or send us a message through the website.

The Early Access Team and Community Screening Partner Network provide screening services  throughout the state.   In order to ensure optimal outcomes for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, early identification and early intervention are key. The first steps in this process are awareness and screening. Families should be aware of the developmental milestones that children typically reach around certain ages as well as warning signs that could possibly indicate risk for ASD or other developmental delays. Screening provides families who have concerns about their child's development to quickly and efficiently find out if their child is at risk for ASD and needs further assessment. Screening is not the same thing as diagnostic evaluation and cannot identify whether a child does or does not have autism. Instead, screening is tool, or stepping stone, that can determine what the next step should be.  If  you have concerns about your child's development, screening can show possible risk for Autism Spectrum disorder or other delays and what sort of further assessment may be needed.  All screenings include resources and referrals to help the family take the next steps toward providing for their child's long-term developmental health.